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binary options trade Welcome to Lancaster Suites Condotels in the Philippines
Written by Web Master   
Sunday, 15 October 2006

Imagine Hotel Style Living 365 Days a Year!

Lancaster Condo-Hotels, Metro Manila, Philippines, provide resident unit owners with more facilities than regular Condominiums. Condotel Owners enjoy benefits and privileges of Hotel Services in a Residential environment and earn competitive, managed, Rental Income whilst not using their unit.

Philippine Condotel Investments - US Road Show February – March 2007 

PLC International together with Pacific Concord Properties, Inc., will launch 2007 with a US Road Show for its Flagship Lancaster Suites development - one of the hottest Condo Hotel Investments in the Philippines

All existing Marketing Partners, Clients and International Brokers are invited to join or host any of the Lancaster Philippines Condotel Investment Forums.

Beth Collingz, PLC Marketing Director, announced that Ronald Lim – President/CEO of PCPI will conduct a series of personal presentations to interested clients in informal home settings, hotel venues and business centers across the US. “Any of our existing Clients and Marketing Partners whom are interested to arrange or host group meetings with Filipino Communities and Offshore Investors Groups or anyone else whom might be interested to find out more regarding condotel investment opportunities in the Philippines can contact us to arrange meeting dates” US Cities to be visited in coordination with PLC Marketing Partners across North America will include New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Orlando, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.


binary trading options Lancaster condominiums can be purchased as either vacation homes to buyers whom would probably only occupy the units no more than one month per year or as investment real estate or Buy to Let Rental Income Properties. In normal circumstances the unit owner pays maintenance and upkeep of the unit for the entire year without deriving any benefit. However, in a Condominium Hotel, during the time they do not ocupy their units, they have the option to rent out their Condo through the hotel management and receive rental income on their property making ownership of a condotel unit an income generating property and self-liquidating investment with hassle-free property management as the hotel can rent out their unit with all the services provided by day, week, or month.

Browse thru the site to learn more...

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 February 2007 )
Foreign Nationals take Equity Loans for Lancaster Suites Tower I Condotel units
Written by Jun Baranggan   
Thursday, 21 December 2006

Banco De Oro (BDO) a commercial Bank in Metro Manila has just approved a buyer's financing or mortgage plans for Lancaster Suites Tower I Manila Condotel units. Beth Collingz, PLC International Marketing Director stated that "The new financing scheme, a first providing Philippine Mortgages to Foreign Nationals residing overseas for the purchase of Condotel units in the Philippines, is now available to unit owners (Filipinos, Filipino-Americans and Foreign Nationals alike) whom are looking to purchase a Condo Hotel Suite or refinance their investments through BDO's Home Loan"

Lancaster Tower I Buyers can take advantage of this offer to free up some cash as well as to finance the fit-out of their units in the condotel pool or their business set up requirements in their commercial units or purchase preconstruction units in the new Lancaster Atrium Manila Condotels. “Many of my previous clients whom have purchased units in Lancaster Suites Tower I are now set to cash in on their equity by availing of the new 15 year financing option to be able to reinvest in new units at Lancaster Atrium which is currently on preconstruction selling” said Collingz

Check our Downloads area for the application forms and general requirements...


Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 February 2007 )
binary options trading Benefits of owning a Condotel Unit as an Investment Income Property
Written by PLC Marketing   
Sunday, 15 October 2006

What are the benefits to owning a Condotel Unit rather than other real estate investments?

Rent Revenue: Condotel units will produce rental revenues. That revenue can partially or completely offset the costs of owning and maintaining the Vacation Home and give a Real estate investor good rates on return on his investments from a low 8% to a high 16% ROI per annum depending upon the purchase price and terms of payment for the Condo Hotel Suite.


Appreciation Potential: The best selling point of Condotels as investment property is the rate at which they appreciate. Especially when purchasing at the pre-construction stage of the project. The rate of appreciation throughout the Philippines is generally negative especially in rural areas. However, cities such as Metro Manila and Cebu see annual property appreciation rates depending upon locations between 10% to 18%. The Philippines registered a net 11.5% real estate appreciation during 2006, the highest in South East Asia and preconstruction appreciation rates are much higher in 30% per annum range. Most Condotels are located specifically in areas that have seen and continue to see high appreciation rates such as Metro Manila and Mactan, Cebu. Furthermore, it is the Condotel Properties that are seeing higher appreciation rates than traditional single family homes and condos.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 February 2007 )